06/17/2021 How Is It Going? by Sandra

It's definitely a learning experience starting a business. So many things to think about but you don't think about them in the beginning. It's only through the process that you realize that this or that is now needed. I'm sure that I went out of order but as thoughts and needs came to me, I did them in an order that made sense, or tried to.

First was the website, but as I was creating this I soon learned that having the email, phone, Instagram, and Facebook in place were needed. I then backed up a bit and did those requirements. I'm not going to bore you with all the details but I will list what I've been working on and what's on the to do list still.

The website was launched but is still a work in progress, I think this will continually be so. A first round of business cards were created, printed, and received. I like the design but I do see room for improvement. A P.O. Box was acquired. Instagram and Facebook in place. Business bank account created. Business Logo created (I should have did this before the business cards) Created a business phone account. I am slowly learning about all the details that go into running a business, the most challenging right now is taxes. Set up a PayPal and Venmo account exclusively for the business.

Still to do, probably a million and one things. The more I learn, the less I realize I know/knew. Am I still up for the challenge....yes. Will I get frustrated and stressed....probably. Will I enjoy the process....I hope so.

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