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06/10/2021 Upcycled Chairs by Sandra

I was browsing Pinterest one day and saw some remade chairs much like the ones I made in the photo. I remember thinking, I can do better than those and lo and behold, I did. For starters, the pinterest person used flimsy lawn chairs with the belts as the seat. I only use sturdy wooden chairs like the ones in this photo. This pair is still for sale, if anyone is interested, contact me.

After making about 2 dozen of these chairs with used leather belts woven in the seats, I was kayaking one day. I got close to the bank and saw the patina of the bank was much like what the chairs look like, the seats that is. This is what I like most about these chairs and the others that I remake, it reminds me of a color palate of nature. I will purposely put in an accent belt that stands out for a pop of color and because why not. Most of the chairs that I make, I can just cinch up the belts on the underside. This way, If I want to change out a belt, it is easy.

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