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06/09/2021 Helping Out by Sandra

No one mentions, to a non woodworker, how dusty it can get. Maybe if they did, no one would help out. It's amazing how the tiny dust particles created stick to everything. I'm going to look for coveralls that go over the bottom and top half. Hopefully, this will reduce what gets on me and my clothes. It's hard to imagine that my brothers, Tim and Doug, don't use face masks. They are used to it of course, I don't think I ever want to get used to it. I've had bronchitis twice in my life, so I need to be careful not to contract it again. On this day, we were working on refurbishing kitchen cabinet doors. The job is nearly finished. I was able to secure a P.O. Box and have added it to the website. So much to think about, I guess this is also something that others keep quiet about. Those who have are on this path or are going through setting up a business know now all that is involved. The rest of the year will be spent building the foundation of our business, getting the website up and running fully. The learning curve is still arching.

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