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Creative Minds

Two brothers and a sister, each bringing something unique to the table of creativity. 

Tim Boggio: As a child, growing up in Red Lodge Montana, I was fortunate enough to learn woodworking at the knee of my father. Due to these childhood experiences, I pursued a career in cabinetry and woodworking. While cabinet making was my bread and butter for over 30 years, my true love has been fine woodworking. I also love transforming reclaimed wood into amazing pieces of work. I love my craft and have a gift for turning your ideas into reality. 

Doug Boggio: I am a jack of all trades, as was my father. I really enjoy making things out of wood. My specialty is making cutting boards. There was always leftover wood scraps from my brothers kitchen cabinet making business. One day I decided to use the scraps to create cutting boards. I am continually coming up with new designs and ways to improve on the standard cutting board.  

Sandra Boggio: It began with my grandmother when I was young, she taught me how to crochet, knit, loom, and embroider. I then cultivated this experience and took it in a different direction. I create useful items primarily from used or recycled materials. It's not just the visual aspect that appeals to me, but how useful the item is as well as being aesthetically pleasing. 

Image by Jason Blackeye
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